skanderborg fische

release date: 09/22/2010
limited release in size 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 109 € for a sz 6

all measurements were taken on a sz 6

thick version:

length: 5.01

width: 70 cm

weigh: 1000 g

-> 199.6 g/m

-> 285.14 g/m2


thin version

length: 5.04 m

width: 70 cm

weigh: 860 g

->170.63 g/m

-> 243.76 g/m2

note: skanderborg fish were released as a thick and a thin version. the thin fish (which are not thin in general, just thinner than the thick one) have a thin white wool thread and appear to be pale from a distance. the thicker fish (see first pic)  have two twisted white wool threads and a brighter (see pics – the thin one is below)

when didymos released these green wool fish there were so many people just going crazy with joy. you have to know that there exist already two other wool fishies (fische petrol/honig and fische hellblau) and they are really sought after because they have great wrapping qualities and are just a beautiful.

and didy did not disappoint us. it all started that someone found some days before they were released the swatch and the chatter began. so everyone knew that green fish are being made and was in anticipation. the first batch was sold out within half an hour, but didymos did continue to weave green skanderborgs because it was also the starting of the wool season.

back to the wrap.

skanderborg fish are a thick and supportive wool wrap. wool is such a great fiber and this wrap the perfect fall and winter wrap. wool is not that difficult to care for (wool wash cycle in the machine, hang dry) and also supposed to be great for summer. i don’t know if i would wear thick green fish in summer due to the thickness, but in general i wear every blend in every season.

imo i just love the “thin” version. it is still a thick wrap, but i find i more moldable and easier to wrap with than the thick version….but this is just my  personal opinion.

eta: skanderborg is a town in denmark and also known for their seas full of fish (roach, lake trout, pikeperch, bream…just in case you are interested).


fische malawi

release date: 11/22/2010
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7, doll wrap
price: 99 € for a sz 6

geeky infos on a size 6:


weight: 640 g

malawi fish have been first spotted on the german fair “Babywelt” as doll wraps and came into the shop one day later. they has been a lot of love between the green skanderborg fish and violet elburg fish in the didymos aquarium and these fishies are their offspring.

malawi fish is a medium thick wrap which is getting soft quite quick and does not need a lot of breaking in. the colours are…special. there are quite some funny names for them in the babywearing community and not everyone loves the colour combination. but the colours do really shine (do they glow in the dark ?), and it is such a beautiful wrap. it has a stunning shimmer and the fish are not as prominent as on other fish wraps. this could either be an advantage or a disadvantage, it is just a different point of view.

i really like this wrap. it molds easily in a double hammock with my 2 yr old toddler, but i would not wear it in single layer carries anymore. but with a younger child this is definitely a wrap that i would recommend for a kangoroo or a ruck, too.

nino seide natur, nsn

release date: 07/27/2007
limited release in size 3, 5, 6
price: 122 € for a sz 6

after the first two silk wrap (50% silk indio, millefiori silk) didymos now released nino natur with 30% silk. in contrast to some of the limited editions that didymos released these days, nsn sat on their page and at the vendors like forever. in february 2008 it was finally sold out from the didymos page and i guess it took some more months before it was sold out from the vendors, too.

post-wash measurements on a sz 5:

length: 4.48 m

weight: 650 g

-> 145.09 g/m

the wrap is so amazingly soft and snuggly and feels completely different than the silk indio. the silk indio has more texture whereas the nino is just a very smooth wrap. i loved to wrap my baby in it, it has also been our sick and teething baby wrap. whenever the little one needed some comfort this was the wrap that i reached for.

nsn can also be quite slippery when you wrap a simple ruck with it. but once you have wrapped your lo it is surprisingly supportive and comfortable. we used nsn mainly for multi layer front carries, but in single layer carries i sometimes had to re-tighten the wrap job. i guess that the wrap slipped a bit due to its smoothness. i think that i will use it some days with my toddler and evaluate it some more. but with newborns or smaller babies (my lo is nearly 2,5 years old) it is just an amazing wrap.

indio burgund

release date: 12/30/2011
limited release in size 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 89 € for a sz 6

postwash infos on a beautiful sz 6

length: 4,89 m

width: 60,5 cm

weigh: 580 g

-> 118,61 g/m

didymos finished this year with releasing an awesome indio. indio burgund is a thin wrap with burgung and pink cotton threads. the wrap really shines and is so so beautiful. in 2009 was a similar release called indio hibiscus with pink and red threads. once i owned this wrap, too, and i loved the colour but found it diggy on my shoulders and too thin for my one year old toddler.

with indio burgund something is different, but i cannot name it. it is a thin wrap, definitely not thicker than indio hibiscus, but it wraps so wonderful and totally different. whereas i remember hibiscus to be thin and not squishy, indio burgund has some marshmallowey softness (not as much as the queen of marshmallowey softness – wellen braun natur, CGW – but still).

it was also interesting to see that the prices on the wrap market went down a bit for indio hibiscus and there were and are still some indio hibiscus wraps for sale again. this is how the wrap market works – you never know what didymos is releasing next and what your wraps are worth on the market. so be careful with any speculations…and this release only had a mild effect. imagine a re-release of a limited edition…everything is possible with didymos and this is also why i love them so much (no, i’m not working for them).

geckos negev

release date: 12/22/2011
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 99 € for a sz 6

geeky infos on a size 6 postwash:

length: 5,04 m

width: 65,5 cm

weigh: 700 g

-> 138,89 g/m

after quite some time the geckos are back. didymos released this beautifuk wrap right before christmas and it really did a great job under the tree. geckos negev are a tri-coloured cotton wrap with threads in red, green and yellow. the right side is red with geckos in different sizes, patterns and colour combinations. due to the yellow and green threads the red colour is not a fire engine red that jumps straight into your eyes.

the wrap is with 138,89 g/m a medium thick wrap. it is already soft after the first wash and you can easily wrap your loved one. it molds perfectly in a double hammock and is quite comfortable in single layer carries with a toddler, too. i would absolutely love to wrap a newborn or baby in it in every season (but we are done and i have to wrap those sweet little squishys from friends, family and from wrapping consultations).

fische karmin with 50% linen

release date: 1/11/2011
very limited release in size 2, 5, 6, 7
price: 125 € for a sz 6

all geeky measurements for a sz 6 postwash

length: 5,11 m

width: 71 cm

weigh: 960 g

-> 189.56 g/m

the first jacquard with pattern wrap from didymos with 50% linen were the karmin fische. they sold out pretty quick even if they were declared for experienced wrappers only due to their thickness.

and the box was full…so full with a wrap sz 6 that it cannot be fully closed. right out of the box the wrap is stiff an heavy. the threads are bright red linen and white cotton, but from afar it looks quite pinkish….but i can assure you that there cannot be any pink found in the wrap. surprisingly, the wrap is really wide and this does not change after the first wash. it is so great to wrap a toddler with such a wide wrap…and omg is it supportive. it really takes some time to break this beast in, but with a lot of sitting, sleeping, wrapping and playing you can get it to much softer in 1-2 weeks already.

karmin fische compared with tussah silk fische

ellipsen printemps

release date: 2/1/2011
limited release in size 5, 6, 7
price: 95 € for a sz 6

infos on a sz 6 postwash

weigh: 640 g

length: 4,86 m

-> 130.01 g/m

so – i think we are waiting for spring to come and this wonderful wrap reminds me a lot of easter…easter eggs, bunnies, little yellow chicken. the wrap shines and makes me happy every time i look at it.

the threads are ecru and yellow, whereas the yellow is a bit on the orange side. it is a thin wrap with a beautiful shimmer on it. after the first wash it is already so soft and doesn’t need a lot of breaking in. i used it today in a dh with my 2 year old toddler and it felt quite comfy for the short time we used it. i mean – i’m a thick(er) wrap lover and normally don’t get a real comfortable wrap job with thinner wraps. it is just my personal preference and has nothing to do with the wraps.

this wrap is very easy to wrap with and wrapping wise a real pleasure compared with the not yet completely broken in 50% linen wraps i have here sitting on my shelf. i really like the colour, it shines so beautiful and i would be head over heels if i had a new squishy to wrap. but all i have is a toddler – so i would not choose this wrap for a long hike, but i’m looking forwand to bring some spring colours for shorter times into town with ellipsen printemps.

pfau granat/garnet with 50% linen

release date: 2/2/2011
very limited release in size 5, 6, (7)
price: 135 € for a sz 6

first of all some infos on a size 6 for the wrap geeks

weigh: 1060 g
length: 5,01 m
width: prewash 72 cm, postwash 68 cm

-> 211,58 g/m

this beautiful bird was a very limited release from didymos which sold out in about 30 seconds. it is the second jacquard pattern with 50% linen next to karmin fische and has the same red linen and white cotton threads. additionally, the pfau is like its cotton brother from 2010 tri-coloured and has some black linen threads woven in. therefor the wrap appears darker than the carmin fish wrap, more like a tomato (…or ketchup).

as you can see from its weigh this wrap is a big beast. the box from size 6 cannot be fully closed and i think it is the heaviest mail i ever got from didymos which contained only one single wrap. the first impression is tht this will be the perfect toddler wrap, because it is wider than 2010 cotton pfau as well (postwash 68 cm vs 64 cm) and super supportive. right out of the box it is quite stiff and rough, but the first wash and ironing softened the wrap up just wonderful.

due to the pattern and 50% linen the wrap is full with irregularities, but this is quite normal and not a reason to complain about. in fact it looks quite nice imo…it is a real workhorse wrap.

still it is quite some work to wrap with it at the beginning. but carmin fish were the same and they are really soft and moldable now. i even expect the pfau to be even softer due to its weave. right now after receiving it only yesterday i’m already quite impressed with its wrapping qualities: i wrapped my two year old teething and miserable toddler for some hours in a dh and it felt wonderful on my shoulders, no sagging at all…but i had a huge knot in front.

i can’t say that i would use this wrap with a teeny weeny newborn, but for older kids (>1 year) it is absolutely great…just my personal opinion.