pfau violett with 50% linen

release date: 04/06/2011
limited release in size 5, 6, 7
price: 139 € for a sz 6

and didy released a third 50% linen pfau…does the pfau become the new fish wrap ? but i don’t care, we just love them and my lo will be superexcited to get some more peacocks. this time didy tweeted just some minutes before they got online and the wrap was available for more than one hour. it’s said that it is a (very ?) limited release and they accept prepayment only.

post-wash measurements on a sz 6:

length: 4.95 m

weight: 960 g

width: 67 cm

-> 193.94 g/m

this pfau is different to the other two earlier pfau 50% linen releases as it is not a tri-coloured wrap and that the birds are colourful on the right side. the main colours are here natty linen and purple coloured cotton.

the purple colour has also been used before, e.g. for elburg fische. according to mrs. hoffmann this pfau has been a weaving mistake and should have been some more pfau ecru. this is also the reason why this pfau is only two-coloured and not another tri. but i also know that there are all the doubters in the wrap world already raising their hands and not believing that mistakes can be made at the weaving mill…i really hope that there will be an extra tweet from didymos…although there are serious doubters, too…so not sure if it’ll help.

and here is also a comparison pic with 2007 anniversaty pfau in violet/white. you can clearly see the difference in between the two violet shades as the 2007 pfau appears nearly black.


nino auguri gemelli ramie/silk

release date: 03/08/2011
limited release in size 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 135 € for a sz 6

happy birthday, tina and lisa hoffmann !

this wrap was released due to the 40th birthday from the didymos twins. it is after a long time waiting a nino, but this time the ladies are rotated 90 degrees, so that they are now standing and not lying on the wrap in a kangoroo or ruck. additionally, they do vary regarding their position.

post wash measurements on a sz 6:

length: 5.08 m

weight: 590 g

g/m: 116.14 g/m

i have not seen a similar green on a didy wrap before, but the wrap has an incredible shimmer and is so comfortable and soft. imo the perfect spring wrap – and i even love the ladies on it 🙂 the wrap is really thin but has surprising support. after the first wash it is already so perfect that it does not need any more beaking in. i’m sure this will be one of our summer wraps.

and have you noticed the beautiful rail ? on one rail there is the word “twins” written in many different languages.

and one interesting side note: on the didy side is said that this wrap is just the beginning of the anniversary series with twin theme.

pfau ecru with 50% linen

release date: 03/11/2011
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 125 € for a sz 6

thank you didymos for hearing your customers !

didymos reacted to the great run on pfau granat and produced another 50% linen pfau, this time in ecru. the wrap is also tri-coloured with black, creme and ecru threads. following measurements were taken on a sz 6 post-wash:

length: 5,2 m

weight: 920 g

g/m: 184,62

so this beautiful bird is a tad thinner and lighter that its red brother, although i would never describe it as a thin wrap. it is thick an heavy, but softer than granat right out of the box and with a bit of work (slingrings are really the best) it is soft and moldable quite quick.

i guess for a lot of people it is easier to wrap with ecru because it is a more decent colour (remember ketchup if you think of garnet) and not soooo thick. additionally you have all the possibilities in the world to dye this wrap with the colour of your choice. and i can tell you: the contrast is still visible.

indio gras with 50% hemp

release date: 03/30/2011
limited release in size 5, 6, 7
price: 99 € for a sz 6

all i can say right now is that there are some interesting new things going on with didymos. it was said that it’ll take 3-4 days for delivery and right now some people are suprised that they received an email that they’ll have to pay in advance  even it they have chosen to pay after receiving the wrap.

but some people already got the first coloured hemp and it is beautiful from the pics i have seen. can’t wait to receive my wrap.

and here it is:

prewash it feels quiet a bit crunchy, but i’m sure this is due to the starch didymos is using on the wraps to facilitate the weaving. the colour is hard to describe and i sometimes think of the caribbean sea and sometimes of our toothpaste. i’m not sure if a lot of people can rock this colour and i’m not sure if i’m one of the few that do. but as this is the first 50% hemp wrap and the first coloured hemp wrap ever i will give it a fair chance (and there is always the possibility to dye…).

measurements are postwash on a sz 6:

length: 4,98 m

weight: 740 g

width: 68 cm

-> 148,59 g/m

-> 218,51 g/m2

postwash the wrap is already softer and really moldable. my lo (2 years, nearly 14 kg) feels very comfortable on my back in a double hammock. there is no sagging and i’m sure that the wrap well be much more softer when it is starting to break in.there is a lot of shimmer in this wrap and when the sunlight is playing on it. by the way: i realized that this 50% hemp wrap has also quite a few nubs and slubs just like a linen wrap has. i didn’t recognize them on the 40% hemp indio, but maybe they are harder to see if the wrap is not two coloured.

i really hope there will be more 50% hemp wraps coming. i just love that didymos became so experimental lately with different colours and blends.

note: the tag says 40% hemp, 60% cotton, but the content is 50%/50%