lilien hellblau 40% seide

release date: 03/03/2011
very limited release in size 6
price: 179 € for a sz 6

post wash measurements

length: 5.14 m

weight: 760 g

->147.86 g/m

this beautiful wrap was again one of these hit-or-miss releases lately. it is extremely limited and cannot be woven again due to the very limited amount of the silver silk thread they used. the content is 40% silk/60% cotton, although the tag says 40% tussah/60% cotton. i guess didymos just did not weave the right tags due to the very limited release and maybe they are not planning any more 40% silk wraps in the (near) future.

the wrap really has a great silver shimmer like no other wrap. it is so soft right out of the box, moldable and easy to wrap with. this is one of these wraps where i can see a newborn as well as a toddler in it. i find i really comfortable with my big lo – no sagging, no digging on my shoulders. this wrap can easily be worn at great festivities like a wedding, but also with blue jeans at the playground. well, at least if you do not fear for your pricy wrap at places like these.

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