indio rosé seide

release date: 02/24/2011
limited release in size 5, 6, 7
price: 134,90 € for a sz 6

post-wash measurements on a sz 6:

length:  4,93 m

weight: 790 g

width: 0.63 cm

-> 160.24 g/m

-> 254.35  g/m2

when have i seen such a beautiful and breathtaking wrap before ? i guess that this is one of these wraps where many dreams are made of. it consists of 30% silk/70% cotton with rosé cotton threads. the threads are thicker than i remember from other silk indios and therefor i can wrap my toddler really easy and commfortable in this moldable wrap. it has also a great shimmer and is an eye catcher for sure.

but this wrap also made me remember the negative side from silk wraps…i know some people love it…but i just cannot stand the smell of a new wet silk wrap. the whole appartment was smelling. but thank god the smell disappears after the second or third wash and is nearly not noticable when the wrap is dry.

but i have to admit – even the smell cannot drag me away from this beauty. i’m seriously in love with it.