wrap review – what should be next ?

i wonder what should be my next review…some more nautili ? or should i go on with the fish ? indios ? i guess that due to the season some linen wraps might be interesting, or my summer stash wraps…

if you read this blog you can try to make a wish. if i find the wrap in my stash i will get it out for the next review.

below an old indio stash pic where most of the wraps already found a new home


fische petrol/ecru, fish p/e

release date: 05/07/2009
limited release in size 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, doll wrap
price:  € for a sz 6

petrol/ecru fish had and still have a lot of chatter because they were released in two different version. some of the wraps are ‘thin’ p/e fish, and some are ‘thick’ p//e fish. the difference by view can be seen as there are two petrol threads next to each other on the thick fishies, whereas there is only one on the thin fish.

geeky measurments on a sz 6 (thin):

length: 5 m

weight: 710 g

->142 g/m

and geeky measurments on a sz 4 (thick):

length: 3.95 m

weight: 690 g

-> 174.68 g/m

the p/e fish are really beautiful and i love their wrapping qualities…well…personally i only love the thin version. the thin version is not a thin wrap at all, i would rather describe it as a medium thick wrap. but yes, compared with the thick version they are thin. p/e thin are a great cotton wrap with newborns, but also but older babies. it is a reliable cotton wrap where you can get easily a good wrap job.

to be honest i did not like the thick p/e fish. yes, they were rock solid and had amazing support for toddlers, but i wouldn’t want to wrap a newborn in it and it always felt like wrapping with a really thick pair of jeans. it took a long time to break this beast in, so it got better, but in the end it moved to another home where it is still loved. so if you read this review: every person has a different taste, there are so many wraps out in the world and you can never say that this special wrap will be great for everone. these reviews just reflect my personal point of view and even if i don’t like the wrapping qualities you can be sure that a lot of people do.