kürbis pumpkin with 40% wool

release date: 10/06/2010
limited release in size  6
price:  129 € for a sz 6

kürbis is now a totally new weave. it is the same one as can be found in moss, azur or sunset 50% linen, but kürbis is tri-coloured: orange, pink and yellow.

measurements on a sz 6:

length: 4.91 m

weight: 510 g

->103,87 g/m

kürbis is already after the first wash a supersoft wrap and really easy to wrap with. unfortunately i’m not a thin wrap lover, and as kürbis is a really thin wool wrap – i guess also the thinnest i have ever tried – i don’t use it that much with my big toddler. but if i’d have a smaller child this would be THE wrap i’d chose. its super bright colour just makes me happy and i love the soft feeling.


indio seide silk 50%

release date: 05/xx/2007
limited release in size  6
price:  109 € for a sz 6

indio seide 50% was the first silk release from didymos.it was first announced on their webpage on may, 9th and was available only in size 6 at the end of may. indio silk 50% is a wonderful and classy wrap. it is thicker that the other  indio natur silk 30% wraps and has a beautiful, creamy shimmer.

measurements on a size 6:

length: 4.94 m

weight: 770 g

-> 155.87 g/m

indio silk has the typical smell, but after a few washes it goes away. it is a moldable and really supportive wrap that i still use with my big toddler. contrary to some concerns it is quite easy to take care for. as this is the only 50% silk indio and because of its limited release it is nowadays very, very hard to find and one of the most expensive wraps i have ever heard of.

indio anthrazit with 50% hemp

release date: 05/17/2011
limited release in size  5, 6, 7
price:  109 € for a sz 6

didymos listened to their customers and saw that indio grass was sold out in a flash. and indio anthrazit did the same. after half an hour these wraps were already gone from their page. didymos already said that this is a very limited release and that there will be no new batch coming…let’s see if they are right.

measurements on a sz 6:

length: 5.05 m

weight: 750 g

width: 68 cm

->148.51 g/m

-> 218,4 g/m2

this indio is softening up really quick. it is supportive, moldable and easy to wrap with. we love it with our toddler, because stains from ice cream, strawberries,…are not that visible when we’re out and about. additionally, it is a really classy wrap which you can wear with jeans as well as on a wedding. and this is one of these wraps which are great for a newborn (so soft !) but still rock with a heavy toddler.

girasol ∞ – part 1

oneindigheid  pafundësi  لانهاية  Անսահմանություն  daimi  infinitua

безкрайност  無窮大   uendelighed  infinity  lõpmatus  äärettömyys

l’infini  infinito  უსასრულობა  άπειρο  enfimite  אין סוף  अनन्तता

Óendanlegt  無限大  ומענדיקייַט  무한  beskraj  infinitum  bezgalība

begalybė  бесконечност  ابدیت  nieskończoność  infinit  бесконечности

oändlighet  бескрај  nekonečno  kawalang-hanggan  อินฟินิต  sonsuzluk

нескінченності  végtelenség  اننت  vô cực  anfeidredd  бясконцасці


…to be continued untill mid of july…

girasol gaia

i think now it’s time to begin to fill the girasol category, too. and i will start with my most favorite girasol: girasol gaia – mother earth.

this wrap was an exclusive from the german webshop www.sonnenschnuckel.de who had a design competition. gaia was the wrap they have chosen and i can’t be more than happy about it.

gaia has two different sides. whereas one side is from dark green, green, yellow to brown you have a completely different wrap when you flip it to the other side. here are the colours starting with a dark blue, blue, light blue to yellow. the weft colour is “bonbon de limon”, a light yellow.

at the moment gaia is sold out but as far as i have heard there will be a second batch arriving soon.

indio gold-rubin 50% linen

release date: 05/10/2011
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7
price:  109 € for a sz 6

with a short tweet didymos released another gorgeous 50% linen indio: indio gold-rubin with linen. last year a 40% linen indio with the same name came out, so there was quite a bit of confusion. but as expected it sold out within one hour and came today to my house.

post-wash measurements on a sz. 6:

length: 4.88 m

weight: 760 g

-> 155.74 g/m

and here is some geekery-deluxe:
rosie: 171.3 g/m
zink: 163,02 g/m
yew: 166.67 g/m
g-r 50%: 155,74 g/m
g-r 40%:126 g/m

this indio g-r has the same yellow cotton threads as the 40% version, but differs in the rubin linen threads. whereas the 40% rubin is very dark and more earthy, the 50% rubin is comparable with a red also found in pfau burgund but with a zyklam touch. i have no comparable wrap here, but it shimmers beautiful in the sun. so the overall expression is a very warm and golden tone (40% on the left side, 50% on the right side):

as didymos is now having the 50% linen tags the wrap is also the first 50% linen indio which is labeled correct. but i wonder where the washing instructions have gone ? will need to inspect the wrap further when it comes out of the machine.

most accurate pic in the sun without flash:

there was a question about the weight.as 760 g is not too much you can already see that indio g-r 50% is not a thick beast like the 50% linen pfau. but imo you have to compare it with the other three 50% linen indios: indio rosenholz, indio eibe/yew and indio zink/zink. both yew and zinc are a size 6, weigh about 800 g and run with around 5 m quite long for a sz 6. the length measurement from indio g-r is still missing because i’ll always do this after the first wash due to shrinkage.

i expect indio g-r to be more comparable with zinc and yew. rosie is quite thicker than the other 50% linen indios and imo g-r will not reach the same thickness post-wash. but i’m perfectly happy with this…now off to go to the machine and to switch on the iron.

eta: just got the measurements – indio g-r is indeed the thinnest of all 50% linen indios. we’ll see how and if it affects wrapping. but it is much thicker than the 40% g-r indio (126 g/m)

well…i didn’t want to put any action pics in this blog, but i think most have already seen this pic.

of course we used indio g-r today for our big walk picking up the older kids from school and kindergarten for nearly two hours. i had a *edit* migraine today, so not the very best conditions for wrapping a toddler in the heat. i would lie if i’d say that it is already supersoft, but i bet that it will become as soft as a wonderful broken in yew. it reminded me a lot of yew wrapping wise, it is already so easy to get a great wrap job and it.is.so.so.so comfortable. absolutely no need to unwrap the wrappee for a quick ice cream in the sun, there was just no need for a break.

this will be my most favorite summer wrap already and the most perfect substitute for the 40% linen gold-rubin…the wrap i used yesterday (without migraine) and which was not comfy anymore after 30 min already. same toddler, same wrap job…but too thin for us.

why does didy always release fish/geckos/pfau….?

as i read so often after new releases  “oooh, why does didy always releases fishies, critters, …:” i took a closer look to the list of new releases in the last few years.

2010 Didymos released:

56 new limited editions with

– 10 fishies but
– 12 indios (not including azur, moss, sunset and kurbis)

i have had a quick overview over the last years, too, and if you take a closer look, didymos does definitely vary their LE a lot ! so why do only the fish and the geckos recently get so much attention ? because there is a love/hate relationsship ? there were years where the market was flooted with indios…i came up with nearly 100 LE indios since the beginning…and you all know that in the first years there were only a few (= 1-5 LE/year).

this focus on fishies, pfau, colour,… is really interesting so i did some research for the year 2010:

total releases: 56 (not including black anniversary pfau and green/pink tussah fish)

cotton: 27
wool: 4
silk: 3
linen: 17
alpaca: 3
ramie/silk: 2

new materials: alpaca wool, tussah silk

new patterns: 10 !!! Kirschblüten, Selters, 55% linen weave, Pfau, Teviot, Mia, three new wraps in the standard line, 50% Doubleface linen, doubleface cotton, Papillon

patterns with a min. of two different releases:
indios: 12
fische: 10
doubleface linen 50%: 5
ellipsen: 4
55% linen: 3
geckos: 2

indio gold-rubin 40% leinen

release date: 05/18/2010
limited release in size 5, 6, 7
price:  119 € for a sz 6

due to didys recent release i thought to add the review from the ‘old’ indio gold-rubin with linen. this wrap was released in may last year and has 40% rubin linen threads and 60% gold cotton threads.

measurements were taken on a sz 6:

length: 5.0 m

weight: 630 g

-> 126 g/m