kürbis pumpkin with 40% wool

release date: 10/06/2010
limited release in size  6
price:  129 € for a sz 6

kürbis is now a totally new weave. it is the same one as can be found in moss, azur or sunset 50% linen, but kürbis is tri-coloured: orange, pink and yellow.

measurements on a sz 6:

length: 4.91 m

weight: 510 g

->103,87 g/m

kürbis is already after the first wash a supersoft wrap and really easy to wrap with. unfortunately i’m not a thin wrap lover, and as kürbis is a really thin wool wrap – i guess also the thinnest i have ever tried – i don’t use it that much with my big toddler. but if i’d have a smaller child this would be THE wrap i’d chose. its super bright colour just makes me happy and i love the soft feeling.

indio seide silk 50%

release date: 05/xx/2007
limited release in size  6
price:  109 € for a sz 6

indio seide 50% was the first silk release from didymos.it was first announced on their webpage on may, 9th and was available only in size 6 at the end of may. indio silk 50% is a wonderful and classy wrap. it is thicker that the other  indio natur silk 30% wraps and has a beautiful, creamy shimmer.

measurements on a size 6:

length: 4.94 m

weight: 770 g

-> 155.87 g/m

indio silk has the typical smell, but after a few washes it goes away. it is a moldable and really supportive wrap that i still use with my big toddler. contrary to some concerns it is quite easy to take care for. as this is the only 50% silk indio and because of its limited release it is nowadays very, very hard to find and one of the most expensive wraps i have ever heard of.

indio anthrazit with 50% hemp

release date: 05/17/2011
limited release in size  5, 6, 7
price:  109 € for a sz 6

didymos listened to their customers and saw that indio grass was sold out in a flash. and indio anthrazit did the same. after half an hour these wraps were already gone from their page. didymos already said that this is a very limited release and that there will be no new batch coming…let’s see if they are right.

measurements on a sz 6:

length: 5.05 m

weight: 750 g

width: 68 cm

->148.51 g/m

-> 218,4 g/m2

this indio is softening up really quick. it is supportive, moldable and easy to wrap with. we love it with our toddler, because stains from ice cream, strawberries,…are not that visible when we’re out and about. additionally, it is a really classy wrap which you can wear with jeans as well as on a wedding. and this is one of these wraps which are great for a newborn (so soft !) but still rock with a heavy toddler.

girasol ∞ – part 1

oneindigheid  pafundësi  لانهاية  Անսահմանություն  daimi  infinitua

безкрайност  無窮大   uendelighed  infinity  lõpmatus  äärettömyys

l’infini  infinito  უსასრულობა  άπειρο  enfimite  אין סוף  अनन्तता

Óendanlegt  無限大  ומענדיקייַט  무한  beskraj  infinitum  bezgalība

begalybė  бесконечност  ابدیت  nieskończoność  infinit  бесконечности

oändlighet  бескрај  nekonečno  kawalang-hanggan  อินฟินิต  sonsuzluk

нескінченності  végtelenség  اننت  vô cực  anfeidredd  бясконцасці


…to be continued untill mid of july…

girasol gaia

i think now it’s time to begin to fill the girasol category, too. and i will start with my most favorite girasol: girasol gaia – mother earth.

this wrap was an exclusive from the german webshop www.sonnenschnuckel.de who had a design competition. gaia was the wrap they have chosen and i can’t be more than happy about it.

gaia has two different sides. whereas one side is from dark green, green, yellow to brown you have a completely different wrap when you flip it to the other side. here are the colours starting with a dark blue, blue, light blue to yellow. the weft colour is “bonbon de limon”, a light yellow.

at the moment gaia is sold out but as far as i have heard there will be a second batch arriving soon.