indio zyklame with 30% alpaca wool

release date: 05/11/2011
limited release in size 5, 6
price: 115 € for a sz 6

just a few minutes ago didymos put this wonderful indio with 30% alpaca wool and 70% zyklam cotton online. it is a test for indios with alpaca wool and it seems to be on the this side. i know many of you can’t see pink anymore, but i think it is gorgeous…and didy promised more colors next week for those who can’t do pink (anymore).

measurements on a sz 6 post-wash are:
length: 4.94 m
width: 0.64 m
weight: 520 g
-> 105.26 g/m
-> 164.47 g/m2

indio zyklame with alpaca is surely on the thinner side, but after the first wash it fluffed up a lot. on the rolled wrap pic above you can see it pre-wash, and here is the same wrap all fluffy post-wash:

i would really recommend to wash the wrap first (hand wash with wool wash or a mild baby shampoo) before you try it on. it dries quick over night and then you can wrap you lo in it. it’s making nearly always a small, but somentimes also a really big difference if you try on a wrap that is bnib or has been washed before.

this comparison pic is together (from top to bottom) with indio wildrose, indio rosé silk, indio zyklame alpaca and indio burgund:

and here you can see som recent pink releases from didymos alltogether: indio rosé silk, indio zyklame alpaca, pink polca dots wool and houndstooth pink:

today i had dd in a double hammock for her nap. i think this is like the ultimate test because she will be turning three in two months (hello ? where did time fly ?). the wrap is really thin and I had to wrap carefully. it’s just different to get a nice and tight wrap job with a little baby or with a bigger toddler, and although i wasn’t really scared to use it i wanted to be on the safe side.

i wore it for 1.5 hours and it still felt ok for us. dd wasn’t complaining like she did recently with other thin wraps like jim salvia and it was more comfortable than i expected it to be. it is still not a wrap that i would use for a hike or in a big hurry, but i can get a nice and tight double hammock with it. the knot is really small, the wrap is soooo soft and cushy…and the ugly wet alpaca smell is now gone from the house, too.

so in total: awesome wrap, must be the perfect wrap for a newborn and smaller babies. oh how i would love to use this with a new babe, it would be our wrap choice number 1. but i still love it enough with my 15 kg + girl for her naps. The wrapping qualities are not perfect due to the thinness and because it is so delicate…but the look and feel give enough points to justify it for some time in my stash.