girasol gaia – mother earth in new weft colors ♥

today a big package arrived at my door and i couldn’t have been more excited. girasol gaia is finally here with new beautiful weft colors

i this version of gaia the third yellow stripe is now a bit smaller, but the blue and green stripe at the sides of the wrap bigger. so in total the yellow region in the middle of the wrap is narrowed down a bit, but now you can also see the last stripe better (the first version with yellow weft is on top):

may i introduce all gaias now ?

first we have the old gaia version with a light yellow weft (bonbon de limon)

gaia air with white weft (crema de nube):

gaia fire with red weft:

gaia water with blue weft:

gaia earth with brown weft:

and my personal favorite ♥: gaia – the dark side with black weft (cuervo):

and they look nice as a staple – now that i have another photo spam post i can show one more picturet, too.