indio eisblau / iceblue with 15% wool and 15% silk

release date: 16/11/2011
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 115 € for a sz 6

this year didymos is really experimenting with different fibers and fiber combinations. today indio eisblau with 70% ice blue cotton / 15% silk / 15% wool was released. it seems to be on the thin side, but i guess it will be wonderful – at least for smaller babies, but who knows, maybe it is surprisingly comfortable for older kids, too.

measurements on a sz 6 post-wash are:
length: 4.91 m
width: 0.61  m
weight: 540 g
-> 109.98 g/m
-> 180.29 g/m2

after the first wash the wrap is even softer than right out of the box. when it is wet you will notice the typical silk smell (some are loving the smell, some don’t), but when it is dry is is just pure fluffy heaven. even when you wash it by hand in the tub it will lose some of its width, but it has more stretch than tussah silk fish or nino tussah, so i don’t think that it will be a problem. i just wrapped my nearly three year old daughter in it and it was crazy comfortable. i will give it another longer try for one of her naps in the following days.

surprisingly it seems to be post-wash due to its shrinkage in width even more dense than indio zyklame alpaca (164.47 g/m2 compared to 180.29 g/m2). this was one thing that i wasn’t expecting – but i’m quite happy about it. on the pic above ^ you can see how it fluffed up after the wash in comparison to indio zyklame alpaca.

brother and sister: indio eisblau wool/silk and indio zyklame alpaca