reindeer / rentiere with 45% alpaca

release date: 23/11/2011
limited release in size 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, doll wrap
price: 169 € for a sz 6

ok – before you continue to read be aware that i’m so freaking excited for this wrap, that i will spam this thread with everything: pics, my excitement and a little bit of the usual wrap geekiness.

the wrap was released yesterday afternoon and of course it has not arrived yet. so i don’t know how it feels and wraps…but i don’t care, i already love it to bits. this wonderful (rein)deer wrap has a very high amount of super soft baby alpaca wool: 45% in puder and anthracit, and 55% ecru cotton threads.

on the right side you can see small light pink deer – i don’t think that they have to be reindeer – surrounded with bigger deer in anthracit. to get this tri-colored effect you have on the wrong side a pink alpaca wool stripe with dark deer in it. a similar effect was already shown in the first labyrinth wrap.

i especially love that didymos did NOT chose seasonal colors (dark red, green,…) for this wrap, but neutral colors and mainly anthracit. so this wrap can be worn the whole year and is not a bit restricted to winter or christmas. i know, you don’t have to find yourself bound to a season, but personally i don’t wear the wooly snowflakes at the beach either.

now i really hope that this wrap will arrive tomorrow morning and then i will spam this thread so bad with pictures.

let the spam begin:

measurements on a sz 6 post-wash are:
length:  m
width:   m
weight: 740 g
-> g/m
-> g/m2

once upon a timed there was a mama deer (don’t correct me !!) and a papa deer. they loved each other so much that they had a tiny little baby deer. to everyones surprise baby deer was not grey like its parents, but had a beautiful pink fur:

the wrap is not as thin as i expected it to be, but nice medium thin/thick and already very soft. due to the three colors it sometimes seems to be more a brownish grey than anthracit, but i really love this effect.

ok, here is a rare action pic with this wonderful wrap. it hasn’t been washed before so this is not the tightest and best wrap job, but you might get the point why i looooove this wrap: