dschungel / jungle

release date: 30/11/2011
limited release in size 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, doll wrap
price: 99 € for a sz 6

the last wrap being released in november was dschungel / jungle. it is a three-colored all cotton wrap in a deep orange (more terracotta like in ringelblume / calendula), deep red and a light thread. it has animals from africaon it – and a nightowl next to a smiling lion…maybe there have been two nightowls just seconds before.

the designer is like in nightowls mr. stadler and again he passed on the fees for the design to ccf-kinderhilfswerk, an organisation which is helping neglected children worldwide. thank you so much for this wonderful gesture !

measurements on a sz 6 post-wash are:
length:  m
width:   m
weight:  g
-> g/m
-> g/m2

this is such a cheery wrap and i can’t wait to show it to my big girl. i have to say that the pattern is nothing i would wear on my own clothes, but with toddlers you simply have to agree sometimes on a wrap, and i bet that this design will appeal to all kids.


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