indio marmorgrau / marble grey, 40% linen

release date: 04/24/2007
limited release in size 6, 7 and more ?
price:  € for a sz 6

today i got a four year old didy with 40% linen in. at first i did not know which wrap it is (it was sold as an all cotton natty indio to me), but i knew it was bought in 2007. the white/green didymos tag shows that it is a 40% linen wrap and from comparisons with other pics it can only be indio marbel grey.

first impressions: woooow, this is a really thick linen wrap and a beauty !

measurements on a sz 6 post-wash are:
length:  4.95 m
width:   0.68 m
weight: 950 g
-> 191.92 g/m
-> 282.23 g/m2

comparison shot between indio marbel grey (left) and indio steelblue (right side), both with 40% linen:


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