old didymos wraps 1: indio black/white and indio violet/white

well, today i feel like geeking about some old didymos wraps. stars of the evening are indio black/white with black yarn fringe and indio violet/white with white fringe.

indio black/white with black yarn fringe

this old indio black/white with black yarn fringe was produced somewhere in the 1970s. it has of course no middle marker (they were added in 2005) and an orange tag with the old adress in ludwingsburg in ‘uferstrasse’.

the wrap is a shortie with the following measurements:

length: 2,11 m w/o fringe

weight: 260 g

-> 123,22 g/m

it is a very delicate wrap and i wouldn’t wear my heavy toddler in it. i don’t know if this is due to its old age (it is more than 30 years old) or if the wrap has always been like this. the wrap is incredibly soft and absolutely lovely with smaller babies or even newborns. the black yarn fringe is sewn on the wrap.

as this is one of the earlier indios you can also see on the tag that it is only 67% cotton and 33% viscose.

indio violet/white with white fringe

indio violet/white with fringe is not as old as the b/w indio shown before. but there is an interesting difference between the weaving…but first the geekery:

length: 2,47 m w/o fringe

weight: 400 g

->161,94 g/m

the violet/white indio is therefor a thicker wrap compared to the b/w indio. it is still very comfortable with my toddler and the fringe is so cool…but also a PITA very difficult to take care for. you really have to detangle and comb it on a regular basis if you don’t like the look of dread locks.

now the real geekery: the weaving pattern has changed. now the diamonds are more regular than before…i tried to show it with the red arrows in this picture:

the tag is black with violet writing and the lady on the other side. the postcode from germany is on the tag still with 4 digits, so the wrap was produced before 1991 where it changed to 5 digits. the newer indios also do not have the woven rail anymore which can be seen on the pic, too.