kokadi waldvögel forest birds silver/black

release date: 02/14/2012
limited release in size 5, 6
price: € 119 for a sz 6

what a wonderful valentines surprise – and can todays stalking get even more nerve wracking ? kokadi released another wonderful forest birds wrap in silver grey and black.

kokadi forest birds pink/natty

release date: 01/27/2012
limited release in size 5, 6
price: € 115 for a sz 6

kokadi released today the third exclusive forest birds wrap, this time in pink and natty cotton. surprisingly it took some time until they were gone, but i guess that nobody would have thought that such a beautiful wrap will come out late friday afternoon.

the color is hard to capture – here is a pic in daylight without (above) and with flash:

kokadi forest birds silvergrey / pink

release date: 01/11/2012
limited release in size 5, 6
price: € 115 for a sz 6

kokadi came up with another wonderful design from the forest birds. this time the birds are pink on a grey underground. the contrast between the two colors is not as big as in the green/brown wrap, but the birds are so beautiful and i like them much more. the wrap is as all kokadi wraps immediately soft right out of the box. it is densely woven and very supportive also for older kids, but it is still a medium thin wrap.

measurements were taken on a sz 6 post wash:



weight: 790 g



kokaki waldvögel / forest birds

release date: 12/10/2011
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 109 € for a sz 6

today i’d like to talk about my newest addi(c)tion: kokadi waldvögel. kokadi is a relatively new wrap brand from germany. they produce eco-friendly certified baby wraps and carriers with some new and fresh designs.

this design is named “waldvögel”, where “wald” means forest and “vögel” are the birds. so it is not surprising that you’ll find birds from the forest woven on the wrap: owls and birds, net to branches and flowers. the patterns is simple and cartoonish but also very very cute. can you tell which owl is my favorite one ? i just love the little one with a brown and a green eye ♥

the wrap is medium to thin, but has a very dense weave. one side is lime green, whereas the other one is in a nice chocolate brown. on the bottom rail you can also find a brown hem which facitilates to discriminate the bottom from the top rail while wrapping. of course there is also a middle marker added.

kokadi wraps are very easy to wrap with. they are soft from the beginning and also easy to take care for. like other wraps they shrink a bit in the first wash, but this is expected and they run in general very long. so after the first wash you will have at least 4.6 m for a wrap in this size…but it is not unusual that they are 4.8 m or even close to 5 m.

i still wear my daughter (3 years old) in multi layer carries in a kokadi. and as waldvoegel was a very popular design, kokadi decided to add a similar green-brown owl wrap into their standard collection which will be available from october 2012.