Didymos Pfau love

10 years ago I bought my first peacock wraps (Didymos 45th anniversary in violet and black) and since thenthey are a huge favorite of mine. I can’t believe that it is already so long ago, but my daughter loves those wraps so much that I’m on a strict selling ban even if she isn’t wrapped anymore….well…she would still love to be on my back, but with already 8 years she is just too heavy 😉


Do you have a favorite pfau ? Do you prefer the old or the new pattern ?



well….after 2.5 very busy years i start looking at the blog again and i’m surprised that there is still interest in it, that people watch my reviews every day and that it is being shared in the babywearing world.

there has happened so much and the blog hasn’t been my top priority with having leukemia to deal with. but i’m still here and i haven’t lost interest in wrapping. there have been so many new and also crazy things, new brands, new blends, new patterns…and also new and exciting blogs 🙂

i don’t know if i will continue with it or just leave it online like it is. i just want to thank you for your interest. keep carrying your loved ones and enjoy every minute of it ❤

2012 in review

i’d like to wish you already a wonderful and happy new year. tomorrow is the last day in 2012 and i was still having so many amazing and wonderful moments while wrapping my lovely daughter, meeting other people, writing this blog, testing wraps,…wrapping really made a difference this year – again and for more than 9 years now.

i wish you many many beautiful wrapping moments with your loved ones in 2013 and would like to share the annual report with you. see you next year ❤


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 81,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


juno is an ancient goddess in roman mythology and the equivalent of the greek goddess hera. she is the queen of the gods and the sister and wife of god jupiter. as the embodiment of femininity she is watching over conception, pregnancy, birth, marriage and care. every women carries a part of juno in herself.

juno’s sacred animal is the peacock. the many eyes on its beautiful feathers are a symbol of juno’s eyes watching over women. therefor you can find many drawings, statues or ancient coins with juno sitting or standing next to a peacock.



in the next very very few days i will tell you something. about some roman mythology. about a new wrap. with an old, but favorite pattern, but in a new blend.

it is getting cold outside, isn’t it ?

i would take a closer look at this page, or Lichtmutter in the next few days, as there are two big parcels full of wraps coming my way.

and i’m freaking excited.

to kill the time, i will add some more reviews this evening and tomorrow, ok ?

amazing news

it has been some time since i reviewed the last wrap, but i have been quite busy. attending conferences, family, renovating the house and getting something like a ‘real’ garden…and last but not least i had and still have exchanged many many emails.

and i’m so freaking excited because…tatatataaaaaa….there will a new wrap be woven for lichtmutter in the next few weeks and they will be ready soon. this time no stripes, no diamonds, but a jacquard weave. and i can’t wait for it to arrive already. i don’t want to spill the beans completely yet, but you can dig in roman mythology to find some clues (i admit that this isn’t easy).

hello :)

as some of you might have noticed there has not been a review in the past weeks. we moved and due to road works our internet is more off than on…but i have quite some beautiful wraps on my shelf waiting for a review, so please stay with me some more time.


i just discoverd a new (for me ?) feature from wordpress: the top statistics for views by country. this is really interesting – at least for a science geek like me – and i would like to share the top 3:

1. united states of america

2. germany

3. russian federation

there were many other countries mentioned and i think i would like to say a big thank you to all visitors. this blog is not only intersting for me, but i think i can assume that it is also helpful for others. so thank you for your visit and for sharing wraptown. i wish you a wonderful day with your loved ones and many beautiful wrapping moments today.

diva milano venezia diamante blu with 42% wool

release date: 12/2011
limited release in size 3.7 m, 4.2 m, 4.6 m, 5.2 m, 5.7 m
price: € 178 for a sz 4.6 m

last december i became curious about a new wrap brand named diva milano. they said that they produce high quality wraps in italy (in the same factory that produces for more than 30 yrs for wold famous fashion houeses), but they sell them in the beginning in russia.

currently they have three different patterns to choose from in all cotton or 42% wool /58% cotton. i have chosen a wool wrap for us named veneziano with three different thread colors: the warp is natural, and the weft alternating threads in blue and anthracite.

measurements were taken on a sz 5,2 m post-wash:

length: 5.69 m

width: 72 cm

weight: 740 g

-> 138.84 g/m

->192.83 g/m2