Didymos Pfau viola-ecru…a love story

Maybe you’d like to see a comparison between the anniversary Pfau (2007) and Pfau viola-ecru from 2013  ? 🙂
These two wraps are my most precious Pfau wraps next to Juno. The anniversary Pfau was my first peacock that I bought and that made me fell in love with the pattern. I used it a lot with my daughter and peacocks are now still one of her favorite animals.
Pfau viola-ecru was released in August, 2013, just one month after I was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloic leukemia). I have been many times in contact with Didymos in the years before, met Anna and Tina and worked with them on several wraps. But I had nothing to do with this wrap…but they knew that I was sick and they knew that I love the pattern.
I guess I was crying the whole evening when I saw them releasing viola-ecru and said that they are donating 5 Euro to the German Bone Marrow Donation Foundation for every sold Peacock.
Here is the original description from Didymos:

“Pfau Viola-Ecru / Peacock Viola-Ecru

Ecru in der Kette und Violett im Schuss verweben sich in ein lebendiges Pfauenmuster. Ca. 220 g/m² aus reiner kbA-Baumwolle. / Ecru warp and violet weft make for a lively peacock pattern. About 220 g/m² of pure organic cotton.

Dies ist das Lieblingsmuster einer Kundin, die an Leukämie erkrankt ist. Deswegen spenden wir für jedes verkaufte DIDYMOS Tuch Pfau Viola-Ecru 5 Euro an die Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei. Und damit die Spende nicht durch eine Stückzahl begrenzt ist, können einzelne Größen dieses Modells nachproduziert werden. / This is the favorite pattern of one of our customers that has been diagnosed with leukemia. Therefore we give 5 Euro to the German Bone Marrow Donation Foundation for every sold Peacock Viola-Ecru. As we don’t want to restrict the contribution by the number of slings, we have arranged to produce more slings of certain sizes.”

I have wrapped in many other wraps from many other companies…but Didymos will always be closest to my heart, not only due to their lovely wraps, but also because of who the people behind the scenes are…with all their compassion and friendliness that they show again and again ❤ ❤ ❤

pfau schwarz, pfau violett 2007

release date: 11/14/2007
limited release in size 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 95  € for a sz 6

due to their 35th bithday didymos re-released an old friend in a new modernized outfit: pfau. the new pfau wrap came also in two different colours (black/white and violet/white) and had a writing on one of the rails: DIDYMOS 1972-2007 35 jahre limited edition.

there was so much excitement regarding this wrap, but also a lot of…hm…critical voices (tablecloth,…). and you can’t compare this limited edition to the usual le nowadays: pfau was sitting on the shelves like forever. used wraps were sold with a huge loss. and today ? well, try to find an undyed pfau size 6 for less than 100 €…lol.

post-wash measurements on a black/white sz 4:

length: 4.05 m

weight: 500 g

->123.46 g/m

measurements were taken on a v/w pfau sz 6:

length: 5.03 m

weight: 700 g

->139.17 g/m

the wraps were dyed, the wraps were stripped. and sometimes there happened funny things while stripping. normally, both the b/w and the v/w pfau would strip to a neutral creme or ecru/white wrap. but some batches of the used violet yarn couldn’t be stripped to neutral, but remained pink. so you got a pink/white pfau as a strip accident

the 2007 pfau wrap is a medium thick wrap. i can wrap easily with it, it gives me every time the perfect ruck and it very comfortable. it is our go-to wrap that we used from newborn to toddler in all different carries. i can fully understand why so many are looking for a pfau wrap because we simply love our peacocks. so glad that we got themfor retail as i would not pay todays price for it…even if it might be worth it.