1975 azur 40% wool

release date: 10/21/2012
limited release in size 2,  6, 7
price: 149 € for a sz 6

on a nice sunday late afternoon didymos decided to release 1975 azur with wool. this wrap was already very limited and given its gorgeous looks and the wool it was sold out in a couple of minutes.

when it arrived at my door i was already smitten with its charms. it is so very soft right out of the box. the winter white wool is a nice contrast to the azur blue cotton. after the first wash it is even softer and became more dense because the fibers fluffed up.

measurements were taken post-wash on a size 6:




-> g/m

-> g/m2

didymos indio cypress/zypresse with 40% linen

release date: 07/25/2012
limited release in size 5, 6, 7
price: 99 € for a sz 6

didymos released yesterday morning indio cypress with 40% linen, a wrap that they already showed at the international babywearing conference in the usa. and for me as a green wrap lover it is absolutely perfect. i love the bright cotton green combined with a beautiful dark green linen thread, i love the pattern,…and let’s see if i love the thickness/thinness as well.

measurements were taken post wash on a sz 6:

length: 5.11 m

width: 0.68 m

weight: 700 g

-> 136.99 g/m

-> 201.45 g/m2

here you can see a comparison from cypress with two other green indios: indio pinus with alpaca (top), indio cypress with 40% linen (middle), indio yew with 50% linen (bottom)


indio lohme 40% linen

release date: 06/16/2012
limited release in size 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, doll wrap
price: 125 € for a sz 6

apparently i’m back 🙂

i needed a break, but now i have a lot of beautiful new wraps waiting for a review and i think i will start with one of the latest limited didymos releases: indio lohme with 40% linen.

lohme was woven for the german shop trippel-trappel in memory of one of the most beautiful islands in germany – ruegen. lohme is a community on ruegen and the colors of the wrap remind the owner of the shop of the island and the wonderful time she has already spent there (and will spend there in the future).

on the picture above you can see lohme in between indio yew with 50% linen and skanderborg fish with wool.

measurements were taken on a sz 6 post-wash:

length: 4.85 m

width: 68 cm

weight: 600 g

-> 123.71 g/m

->181.93 g/m2

and here starts some confusion. trippel-trappel was given the weight from didymos for this wrap as 210 g/m2, which would have been a nice medium weight indio with a tendency to the thicker side.

when i received the wrap i was first of all flashed by its color (it has the same green as skanderborg fish), but when i took it out of the box i was surprised – this wrap is really really thin. but never judge a wrap before the first wash, so i threw it in the tub.

on the other hand a thin wrap will not come out of the wash as a thick wrap…the weave will be more dense, it will be softer and even floof up a bit. this has all happened and lohme was already very soft and moldable, and i guess it will need no time breaking in. but it was still ridiciously thin…i even asked some friends to measure their wraps and we always got numbers in between 170-181 g/m2. as a scientist i know that scales may vary, and that you need differnt persons weighing and measuring the same wrap on the same scale several times.

but this wrap will stay very thin. according to didymos and the shop it is hard to receive exact measurements and they are always around the given number. i totally agree to this. but here is a really significant difference and it makes me wonder if didymos is actually weighing and measuring their wraps…or are they just guessing ? i have to admit that this will leave a bad feeling regarding future releases and the given g/m2 when i’m trying to decide if the wrap might work for me and my toddler.

but for lohme are obviously enough thin wrap lovers with smaller babies out there. and i’m sure that they will love the wrap, especially in warm weather.

some more geekery: the warp is green cotton and the weft alternating threads of ecru and terra linen threads. due to the tri-colored threads and little contrast the indio pattern is not as prominent as in ‘normal’ indio wraps. but we have seen the same effect before with indio lavanda and indio purple alpaca:

indio petrol hemp 40%

release date: 02/27/2012
limited release in size 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
price: € 126 for a sz 6

this is indio petrol with 40% hemp v2. the first release with a whiter hemp was released in russia only. but there was also a huuuuge demand and so many people kept begging for more petrol hemp that didy released another batch with a more creamy hemp. this wrap arrived today and it is so my color. normally i always wash wraps before i use them, but i couldn’t wait to give it a first try.

measurements were taken on a sz 6 m post-wash:

length: 5 m

width: 68 cm

weight: 750 g

-> 150 g/m

-> 220.59 g/m2

but i will wait with the review when it is washed, dryed and ironed and used some more with my toddler. let me just say: today i’m in fluff heaven ❤

together with the other colored hemp indios: erba, grass, petrol and anthrazit.

1975 lago with 40% linen

release date: 02/23/2012
limited release in size 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, doll sling
price: € 105 for a sz 6

copyright by didymoslook at this beauty !

today didymos released 1975 lago with 40% linen – and old standard pattern from the beginning. you might have to know that this year didymos is having it 40th anniversary and they already spilled the beans that there will be more old patterns coming.

but they started with 1975 lago linen – and i have to admit that i’m very pleased that a wonderful wrap like this is now MY birth wrap, because i was born 1975. the pattern is like a pre-indio with some similarites, but still very different. it should have the same thickness (or thinness) like the other recent linen indios and thanks to a sweet friend of mine i can welcome this beauty next wednesday and will of course come back with a more detailed review as soon as possible.

measurements were taken on a sz 6 m post-wash:

length: 5.03 m

width: 67 cm

weight: 700 g

-> 139.17 g/m

->207.7 g/m2

indio marmorgrau / marble grey, 40% linen

release date: 04/24/2007
limited release in size 6, 7 and more ?
price:  € for a sz 6

today i got a four year old didy with 40% linen in. at first i did not know which wrap it is (it was sold as an all cotton natty indio to me), but i knew it was bought in 2007. the white/green didymos tag shows that it is a 40% linen wrap and from comparisons with other pics it can only be indio marbel grey.

first impressions: woooow, this is a really thick linen wrap and a beauty !

measurements on a sz 6 post-wash are:
length:  4.95 m
width:   0.68 m
weight: 950 g
-> 191.92 g/m
-> 282.23 g/m2

comparison shot between indio marbel grey (left) and indio steelblue (right side), both with 40% linen: