pfau anthracite hemp

release date: 03/09/2012
limited release in size 5, 6, 7 (first batch)
price: € 135 for a sz 6

measurements were taken on a sz 6 post-wash:

length: 5.12 m

width: 69 cm

weight: 700 g

-> 136.72 g/m

->198.14 g/m2


indio anthrazit with 50% hemp

release date: 05/17/2011
limited release in size  5, 6, 7
price:  109 € for a sz 6

didymos listened to their customers and saw that indio grass was sold out in a flash. and indio anthrazit did the same. after half an hour these wraps were already gone from their page. didymos already said that this is a very limited release and that there will be no new batch coming…let’s see if they are right.

measurements on a sz 6:

length: 5.05 m

weight: 750 g

width: 68 cm

->148.51 g/m

-> 218,4 g/m2

this indio is softening up really quick. it is supportive, moldable and easy to wrap with. we love it with our toddler, because stains from ice cream, strawberries,…are not that visible when we’re out and about. additionally, it is a really classy wrap which you can wear with jeans as well as on a wedding. and this is one of these wraps which are great for a newborn (so soft !) but still rock with a heavy toddler.

jim anthrazit/puder

release date: 06/19/2009
limited release only found in ‘sonderpreise’ in size 2, 5, 6
price: 72 € for a sz 5

the next review is one of my favorite wraps ever: jim anthazit/puder or jim a/p with linen. this wrap was only found in the ‘sonderpreise’ and never at the limited editions. it is a cousin from the earlier in may released jim jade with linen…and if you thought that jj wrapped like cardbord right out of the box – this was nothing compared with jim a/p.

first the geeky measurements on a sz 5:

length: 4.42 m

weight: 740 g

-> 175 g/m

so jim a/p is a really thick wrap and it was incredible to begin with. but after some (ab)use it is now a softer and supersupportive wrap. every carry is rock solid and i can easily wrap my toddler in a simple ruck – it is just great.

the look of jim a/p is classy: the overall appearance is black, but it is woven with light pink linen threads. there is a dark silvery/grey shimmer on the wrap and it simply goes with everything.