caribe fishies transformation

as i already have and love the caribe fische 50% linen wrap (and karmin as well…ooops) but also wanted to have a more toned down version i had some fun with the dye yesterday. now i am completely happy to have those beautiful and supportive blue-grey linen fishies and i think that they fit perfectly in my stash 🙂

grey fishies in between tiefsee/deep sea fish and the original caribe fish:


fische caribe with 50% linen

release date: 07/02/2011
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7, doll sling
price:  125 € for a sz 6

hey, I never thought that didy will start to release wraps on a saturday. but fische caribe with 50% linen just came out today after a tweet and a note on their facebook page. these fishies are now the brother of the carmin fish with 50% linen. i’m really interested if they are as dense as carmin. you can already see the linen slubs and irregularities on the swatch.

post wash measurements on a sz 6:

length: 5.01 m

weight: 960 g

width: 0,705 m

-> 191.62 g/m

-> 271,8 g/m2

fische caribe arrived this morning and i was already more than happy as i was holding a really heavy box in my hand. fische caribe are thick. thick and dense and this is exactly what i hoped them to be. the turquoise is the same as can be found in wellen leander. together with a dark blue you have a really nice contrast.

caribe is comparable with karmin fische regarding thickness. at first i thought they might be a bit thinner, but i think that i was spoiled by the super thick linen pfaus in the meantime (karmin fische are 267.2 g/m2, caribe 271.8 g/m2).when you compare other wraps in g/m2 with caribe you will find fische latimeria with 271,72 g/m2 as their wrap twin.

you can also see the thick linen slubs as in karmin. when you put caribe into the wash be prepared for beautiful blue water…so i would also highly recommend to wash them separately the first time. i cannot wait now for the washing machine to finish. i want to iron, braid, sit on this wrap and use it with my toddler !!!

on this pic you can see that the turquoise is exactly the same as can be found in wellen leander…such a gorgeous color, just one of my favorites, so i couldn’t be happier:

caribbean fishies next to karmin fish:

look, latimeria and aquamarin fish had a baby ! comparison with fische petrol, latimeria, caribe, aquamarin, wellen leander: