geckos sand

release date: 03/21/2012
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7, doll wrap
price: € 99 for a sz 6


geckos nero

release date: 01/11/2012
limited release in size 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, doll sling
price: € 99 for a sz 6

measurements were taken on a sz 7 m post-wash:

length: 5.57 m

width: 66 cm

weight: 790 g

-> 141.83 g/m

->214.9 g/m2

geckos negev

release date: 12/22/2011
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 99 € for a sz 6

geeky infos on a size 6 postwash:

length: 5,04 m

width: 65,5 cm

weigh: 700 g

-> 138,89 g/m

after quite some time the geckos are back. didymos released this beautifuk wrap right before christmas and it really did a great job under the tree. geckos negev are a tri-coloured cotton wrap with threads in red, green and yellow. the right side is red with geckos in different sizes, patterns and colour combinations. due to the yellow and green threads the red colour is not a fire engine red that jumps straight into your eyes.

the wrap is with 138,89 g/m a medium thick wrap. it is already soft after the first wash and you can easily wrap your loved one. it molds perfectly in a double hammock and is quite comfortable in single layer carries with a toddler, too. i would absolutely love to wrap a newborn or baby in it in every season (but we are done and i have to wrap those sweet little squishys from friends, family and from wrapping consultations).