nachtschwärmer/night owls gold with 40% wool

release date: 11/27/2012
limited release in size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
price: € 129  for a sz 6

60% cotton, 40% golden wool

DSC_0940 DSC_0941

comparison with night owls with 40% linen on the leftDSC_0942 DSC_0938


pfau zimt-gold / cinnamon-gold

release date: 08/29/2012
limited release in size 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 99 € for a sz 6

copyright by Didymos

look how gorgeous this new golden pfau is !

on friday it arrived together with its cousin pfau acqua, but the golden pfau blew me away. it is also a 100% cotton wrap with a cinnamon brown warp and a golden weft.
the golden pfau is very retro and really shines. i have washed it once and it is already so soft – there is no real breaking in necessary. it is a medium wrap and i got to try it once with my 3 year old daughter. the golden birdies are quite comfortable with a multi layer carry (dd weighs over 18 kg), but are now living for a yet unknown period of time in her bed and i’m not allowed to use it because this is HER pfau.

measurements were taken on a size 6 post-wash:

length: 4.85 m

width: 65 cm

weight: 670 g

-> 138.14 g/m

-> 212,53 g/m2

indio gold-rubin 50% linen

release date: 05/10/2011
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7
price:  109 € for a sz 6

with a short tweet didymos released another gorgeous 50% linen indio: indio gold-rubin with linen. last year a 40% linen indio with the same name came out, so there was quite a bit of confusion. but as expected it sold out within one hour and came today to my house.

post-wash measurements on a sz. 6:

length: 4.88 m

weight: 760 g

-> 155.74 g/m

and here is some geekery-deluxe:
rosie: 171.3 g/m
zink: 163,02 g/m
yew: 166.67 g/m
g-r 50%: 155,74 g/m
g-r 40%:126 g/m

this indio g-r has the same yellow cotton threads as the 40% version, but differs in the rubin linen threads. whereas the 40% rubin is very dark and more earthy, the 50% rubin is comparable with a red also found in pfau burgund but with a zyklam touch. i have no comparable wrap here, but it shimmers beautiful in the sun. so the overall expression is a very warm and golden tone (40% on the left side, 50% on the right side):

as didymos is now having the 50% linen tags the wrap is also the first 50% linen indio which is labeled correct. but i wonder where the washing instructions have gone ? will need to inspect the wrap further when it comes out of the machine.

most accurate pic in the sun without flash:

there was a question about the 760 g is not too much you can already see that indio g-r 50% is not a thick beast like the 50% linen pfau. but imo you have to compare it with the other three 50% linen indios: indio rosenholz, indio eibe/yew and indio zink/zink. both yew and zinc are a size 6, weigh about 800 g and run with around 5 m quite long for a sz 6. the length measurement from indio g-r is still missing because i’ll always do this after the first wash due to shrinkage.

i expect indio g-r to be more comparable with zinc and yew. rosie is quite thicker than the other 50% linen indios and imo g-r will not reach the same thickness post-wash. but i’m perfectly happy with this…now off to go to the machine and to switch on the iron.

eta: just got the measurements – indio g-r is indeed the thinnest of all 50% linen indios. we’ll see how and if it affects wrapping. but it is much thicker than the 40% g-r indio (126 g/m)

well…i didn’t want to put any action pics in this blog, but i think most have already seen this pic.

of course we used indio g-r today for our big walk picking up the older kids from school and kindergarten for nearly two hours. i had a *edit* migraine today, so not the very best conditions for wrapping a toddler in the heat. i would lie if i’d say that it is already supersoft, but i bet that it will become as soft as a wonderful broken in yew. it reminded me a lot of yew wrapping wise, it is already so easy to get a great wrap job and comfortable. absolutely no need to unwrap the wrappee for a quick ice cream in the sun, there was just no need for a break.

this will be my most favorite summer wrap already and the most perfect substitute for the 40% linen gold-rubin…the wrap i used yesterday (without migraine) and which was not comfy anymore after 30 min already. same toddler, same wrap job…but too thin for us.

indio gold-rubin 40% leinen

release date: 05/18/2010
limited release in size 5, 6, 7
price:  119 € for a sz 6

due to didys recent release i thought to add the review from the ‘old’ indio gold-rubin with linen. this wrap was released in may last year and has 40% rubin linen threads and 60% gold cotton threads.

measurements were taken on a sz 6:

length: 5.0 m

weight: 630 g

-> 126 g/m