Girasol Lady Amalthea

It has been quite some time (again) but I thought I might pick up with my blog again as there are still some frequent and dear visitors ❤

I’ll start with introducing a new exklusive wrap from Girasol in herringbone weave for Herringbone weave is already so soft right when you receive it and it gets even softer after the first wash and use. It is already really easy to get a great wrap job without washing the wrap first, but you know that I always recommend a first wash before using it. The fibers will fluff up and the weave will become more dense…and it will get softer.

It is always amazing to see how the wrap changes with different wefts – often it is as if you have two completely different wraps, but in fact they are siblings. I would totally spend hours after hours at the weaving loom just to see what happens (if I had the time)

Just look at them – this is the same warp, but different weft (crema de nube vs azul pacifico):

13173789_1067058900033591_8329596168303418252_n 13177349_1067058806700267_5267654030921693227_n (1)

And these are pics taken inside (without flash or filter). Just wait how tey chance some more if you go outside and if there even is some sun shining:

Azul pacifico (turquoise weft):


Crema de nube (white weft):



Both in direct sunlight:


There might still be two more wefts on the way and I can’t wait for the full comparison. By the way – do you remember Lady Amalthea from The last unicorn ? She was the inspiration for the wrap ❤


juno’s pfau, 40% wool

release date: 10/22/2012
limited release in size 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, PTT
price: 135 € for a sz 6

today arrived two biiiiig parcel full of the best fluff ever. didymos juno’s pfau was ready for its release at lichtmutter. the wrap is woven with 40% winter white wool and 60% and already very soft straight out of the box.

measurements were taken on a size 4 post-wash:

length: 3.89 m

width: 0.62 m

weight: 660 g (a size 6 weighs +/- 800 g)

-> 169,67 g/m

->  273,65 g/m2

didymos said that the wrap is around 205 g/m2, but as you can see it is quite a bit thicker. but i wouldn’t call it a really thick wrap either, more like a fluffy medium thick with a tendency to thick wrap…and it is still nowhere near audrey in case you are wondering. in my opinion the wrap is for thin wrap lovers (ok, maybe not superthin) as well as for thick wrap lovers.

after the first wash in the tub it is fluffing up and even more gorgeous (yes, i know, i’m biased). you can’t see though it like with other wraps and it isn’t scratchy like the brank new indio olivia with wool either. i used our size 4 yesterday afternoon with my three year old daughter and it was pretty comfortable in a ruck

as this shade of green was never used on cotton before and requested by lichtmutter for the pfau it is difficult to find a comparison in other wraps. please keep in mind that these pics were taken indoors, but here are some comparison pics with indio yew and skanderborg fish with wool.

i would describe the green as a nice deep forest green. the closest comparison can you find in the dark green linen threads on indio cypress with linen. i have to admit that juno’s pfau is really having fifty shades of green depending on the light, flash,…but i tried to make a pic with and without flash together with pfau acqua and i hope you can get the impression:

lichtmutter had a wonderful cooperation with birdie’s room in canada and aleksandra kuznetsova, so that juno’s pfau is also easily available for customers in north america and russia.

girasol wraptile is here

today the postman was stalked and look at the goods: after a looong wait the new batch of girasol wraptile with two new weft colors is here.

just showing the new wefts in detail as you have already seen the others:

girasol wraptile agama lionotus (turquoise weft)

girasol wraptile cordylidae (green weft):

a few wraps will be available at lichtmutter  tuesday evening at 9 p.m. cet, including a ooak test-weave with a dark green thread (dark cordylidae):

girasol heaven’s love pre-order

designed by Cristina Parker

– In Memory of  Jonathan Gabriel Hall –

November 27th – December 24th 2011

Jonathan was born as a micro-preemie already at 25 weeks gastation. After 27 days in the NICU he went to Heaven on Christmas Eve. His short and intense life touched us deeply. This wrap was designed by Cristina Parker in memory and dedication of Jonathan and all the children that can not live on earth together with their families.

If you want to read more about Jonathan and his journey please visit his page on Facebook:!/pages/Jonathans-NICU-Journey/287650337939688

Together with Sustainable.Sprouts we would like to help families in situations similar to the Halls. Therefore we will donate from every sold wrap 20 Euro to the Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe Stiftung,which helps parents to stay close to the hospital with their child in giving them a temporary home. Like this the parents can be close to their loved child during the attendance at the clinic.

Additionally Lichtmutter would like to donate to Initiative REGENBOGEN – „Glücklose Schwangerschaft e.V.“ . This organisation is helping parents who have lost their child during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

Pre-order information:

The wrap will be woven in regular cross weave and can be bought in every size with or without fringes. The weft color is “flan de caramelo” which gives the wrap a warm undertone without changing the original colors too much.

The possibily of pre-ordering the wrap is open until wednesday, january 25th. The chosen wrap has to be payed in advance. Due to the special donation we will not be able to refund the full costs of the wrap if you cancel the order or return the wrap because the donation will already be made.

The wrap can only be pre-ordered at  Lichtmutter or Sustainable.Sprouts . After the order is handed over to Girasol it normally takes 6-8 weeks until the wraps are being woven in Guatemala and are back at Girasol in Berlin. The wraps will be checked for their quality and subsequently send off to the vendors. Thereafter “Heaven’s Love” will be within a few days on its way to the new owner.

The inspiration for creating “Heaven’s Love” was Jonathan’s blanket:

new weft colors for girasol wraptile

after some wonderful suggestions there are now two new weft colors possible for the new pre-order from the girasol wraptiles on

wraptile cordylidae with green weft (verde loden):

and wraptile agama lionotus with turquoise weft (azul pacifico):

i’m curious to see how they will affect the diamond effect. the pre-order is open until october,, 31st.