Didymos Pfau viola-ecru…a love story

Maybe you’d like to see a comparison between the anniversary Pfau (2007) and Pfau viola-ecru from 2013  ? 🙂
These two wraps are my most precious Pfau wraps next to Juno. The anniversary Pfau was my first peacock that I bought and that made me fell in love with the pattern. I used it a lot with my daughter and peacocks are now still one of her favorite animals.
Pfau viola-ecru was released in August, 2013, just one month after I was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloic leukemia). I have been many times in contact with Didymos in the years before, met Anna and Tina and worked with them on several wraps. But I had nothing to do with this wrap…but they knew that I was sick and they knew that I love the pattern.
I guess I was crying the whole evening when I saw them releasing viola-ecru and said that they are donating 5 Euro to the German Bone Marrow Donation Foundation for every sold Peacock.
Here is the original description from Didymos:

“Pfau Viola-Ecru / Peacock Viola-Ecru

Ecru in der Kette und Violett im Schuss verweben sich in ein lebendiges Pfauenmuster. Ca. 220 g/m² aus reiner kbA-Baumwolle. / Ecru warp and violet weft make for a lively peacock pattern. About 220 g/m² of pure organic cotton.

Dies ist das Lieblingsmuster einer Kundin, die an Leukämie erkrankt ist. Deswegen spenden wir für jedes verkaufte DIDYMOS Tuch Pfau Viola-Ecru 5 Euro an die Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei. Und damit die Spende nicht durch eine Stückzahl begrenzt ist, können einzelne Größen dieses Modells nachproduziert werden. / This is the favorite pattern of one of our customers that has been diagnosed with leukemia. Therefore we give 5 Euro to the German Bone Marrow Donation Foundation for every sold Peacock Viola-Ecru. As we don’t want to restrict the contribution by the number of slings, we have arranged to produce more slings of certain sizes.”

I have wrapped in many other wraps from many other companies…but Didymos will always be closest to my heart, not only due to their lovely wraps, but also because of who the people behind the scenes are…with all their compassion and friendliness that they show again and again ❤ ❤ ❤

Didymos Pfau love

10 years ago I bought my first peacock wraps (Didymos 45th anniversary in violet and black) and since thenthey are a huge favorite of mine. I can’t believe that it is already so long ago, but my daughter loves those wraps so much that I’m on a strict selling ban even if she isn’t wrapped anymore….well…she would still love to be on my back, but with already 8 years she is just too heavy 😉


Do you have a favorite pfau ? Do you prefer the old or the new pattern ?

blauer pfau / blue pfau 50% linen

release date: 25/01/2013
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 140 € for a sz 6

5o% blue cotton, 50% turquoise linen


finally didymos released the first blue pfau. and this wrap is beyond gorgeous. it is with 50% linen and the first anniversary pfau pattern with a linen content. the colors of the wrap are really hard to capture and the pics don’t do the wrap justice.

i was staring the whole day at the wrap and the blue has some kind of purple undertone. the linen is a turquoise which shimmers like crazy. depending on the light the wrap sometimes seems to be blue-turquoise, sometimes purple-teal. i used it in a quick double hammock today with my daughter and it was very easy to wrap with but still supportive. it is nothing like the old pfau linen wraps, but more like the black hemp pfau which was released last year. can’t wait to geek some more on this wrap, but i’m so happy i did go for it.

DSC_1067 DSC_1068 DSC_1093 DSC_1094 ImageUploadedByTapatalk1359468523.344481 67952_519039221469648_1923300062_n

juno’s pfau II

can i tell you that i’m still in love with this wrap ? i know that i’m biased, but it is so soft and still so supportive, has only some stretch, is easy to wrap with….and now that it is cold outside, i can wear my new scarf all day long.

the first batch is already sold out and today the second one arrived. they still had to be sewn into the ordered lengths, so they are a little late to the party. and if you are curious or interested in the wrap there are still some left at lichtmutter. and new to the site is that you can now pay with paypal as well.

juno’s pfau, 40% wool

release date: 10/22/2012
limited release in size 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, PTT
price: 135 € for a sz 6

today arrived two biiiiig parcel full of the best fluff ever. didymos juno’s pfau was ready for its release at lichtmutter. the wrap is woven with 40% winter white wool and 60% and already very soft straight out of the box.

measurements were taken on a size 4 post-wash:

length: 3.89 m

width: 0.62 m

weight: 660 g (a size 6 weighs +/- 800 g)

-> 169,67 g/m

->  273,65 g/m2

didymos said that the wrap is around 205 g/m2, but as you can see it is quite a bit thicker. but i wouldn’t call it a really thick wrap either, more like a fluffy medium thick with a tendency to thick wrap…and it is still nowhere near audrey in case you are wondering. in my opinion the wrap is for thin wrap lovers (ok, maybe not superthin) as well as for thick wrap lovers.

after the first wash in the tub it is fluffing up and even more gorgeous (yes, i know, i’m biased). you can’t see though it like with other wraps and it isn’t scratchy like the brank new indio olivia with wool either. i used our size 4 yesterday afternoon with my three year old daughter and it was pretty comfortable in a ruck

as this shade of green was never used on cotton before and requested by lichtmutter for the pfau it is difficult to find a comparison in other wraps. please keep in mind that these pics were taken indoors, but here are some comparison pics with indio yew and skanderborg fish with wool.

i would describe the green as a nice deep forest green. the closest comparison can you find in the dark green linen threads on indio cypress with linen. i have to admit that juno’s pfau is really having fifty shades of green depending on the light, flash,…but i tried to make a pic with and without flash together with pfau acqua and i hope you can get the impression:

lichtmutter had a wonderful cooperation with birdie’s room in canada and aleksandra kuznetsova, so that juno’s pfau is also easily available for customers in north america and russia.


juno is an ancient goddess in roman mythology and the equivalent of the greek goddess hera. she is the queen of the gods and the sister and wife of god jupiter. as the embodiment of femininity she is watching over conception, pregnancy, birth, marriage and care. every women carries a part of juno in herself.

juno’s sacred animal is the peacock. the many eyes on its beautiful feathers are a symbol of juno’s eyes watching over women. therefor you can find many drawings, statues or ancient coins with juno sitting or standing next to a peacock.


pfau zimt-gold / cinnamon-gold

release date: 08/29/2012
limited release in size 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 99 € for a sz 6

copyright by Didymos

look how gorgeous this new golden pfau is !

on friday it arrived together with its cousin pfau acqua, but the golden pfau blew me away. it is also a 100% cotton wrap with a cinnamon brown warp and a golden weft.
the golden pfau is very retro and really shines. i have washed it once and it is already so soft – there is no real breaking in necessary. it is a medium wrap and i got to try it once with my 3 year old daughter. the golden birdies are quite comfortable with a multi layer carry (dd weighs over 18 kg), but are now living for a yet unknown period of time in her bed and i’m not allowed to use it because this is HER pfau.

measurements were taken on a size 6 post-wash:

length: 4.85 m

width: 65 cm

weight: 670 g

-> 138.14 g/m

-> 212,53 g/m2

pfau acqua

release date: 08/29/2012
limited release in size 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 99 € for a sz 6

today pfau acqua, a wonderful all cotton peacock wrap arrived with pfau cinnamon/gold. pfau acqua is like its cousin a medium thin (or thick) wrap and already very soft right from the beginning. didymos used the same colors in this wrap as in 1975 old standard acqua/greenmeasurements were taken on a sz 6 post wash:


width: 65 cm

weight: 670 g



the wrap has an amazing shimmer and i can’t decide which side i like more. for my taste didymos could also have used a darker blue and a greener green, but i won’t complain, because the wrap is beautiful as well. it wraps very easy and nice and might be a tad thinner than the anniversary pfau – but i will check this out in the morning.

pfau rosé 30% silk

release date: 08/31/2011
limited release in size 4, 5, 6, 7
price: 179 € for a sz 6

holy cow…this time didymos released the first silk pfau in a beautiful pink. the pink is the same pink that have already been used in other silk wraps like indio rosé and hibiscus. the price is not really cheap, but the pfau wraps have always been a bit more expensive than other wraps.

first impression when i opened the box: wooooaaaah. this is a really stunning and beautiful wrap. of course you have to like pink, but it also has this wonderful silky shimmer on it. it is a very delicate and thin wrap and you need to give it a first wash before you use it (because the fibers are getting more dense)…but it is really an extraordinary piece of cloth.

measurements were taken on a sz 6 post wash:

length: 4.99 m

weight: 550 g

width: 0.62 m

-> 110.22 g/m

-> 177.77 g/m2

after the first wash the wrap became a bit more dense, but of course it is still a very thin and light wrap. but amazingly i find it very comfortable with my 2.5 yr old toddler. she loves pink, she adores the birds, so this is a wrap that is getting frequent use during nap time for more than 1 hour.

of course i would advise to wrap carefully with thinner wraps, this kind of weave and with heavier children. in my experience you are really getting an amazing comfort when you wrap tight and careful – and yes, i make a difference if i grab into a thick linen pfau strang or a delicate and thin silk wrap. but on the other side i use this wrap everywhere: on the playground, in the woods,…

ok, back to the topic. i don’t think that you have to worry about this wrap. yes, it is freaking expensive and surely more sensitive than a standard stripe cotton wrap. but wrapping wise it is still great for bigger kids….and i just can imagine how awesome it is with younger babies or even newborns. i wouldn’t have expect this wrap to be so comfy, but i’m glad that i still like it.

and did i already mention how supersoft it is ? and how perfect this wrap will look on special festivities like baptism, wedding, parties, christmas,…?

comparison with indio rosé silk and indio wildrose: