ellipsen nougat 30% seide

release date: 23/09/2011
limited release in size 5, 6, 7
price: 189 € for a sz 6

on a beautiful friday afternoon didymos released the second limited edition that they already showed at the “kind und jugend” trade fair. ellipsen nougat with 30% silk is a beautiful, soft and shimmery wrap out of chocolate brown cotton and dark brown silk.

measurements were taken post-wash on a sz. 6:

weight: 550 g



-> g/m

-> g/m2



indio schiefer/slate with 30% silk

release date: 06/06/2011
limited release in size 5, 6, 7 (from didymos)
price:  145 € for a sz 6

this new silk indio has 30% silk and 70% cotton and is a very limited release. it was presented together with waves leander on the “tragetage” in dresden and was available on monday, 6th. it took only 10 minutes and it was sold out, too, and i really hope that it will be a silk indio which is comfortable for my shoulders and my toddler.

measurements on a sz 6:

length: 5.03 m

weight: 530 g

-> 105.37 g/m


here you can see indio schiefer with silk under its hemp twin (indio anthrazit hemp). schiefer is much more shimmery due to the silk threads and seems to be more grey-dark grey whereas the hemp indio is clearly white-dark grey.

wellen leander with 35% silk

release date: 06/06/2011
limited release in size 5, 6, 7 (from didymos)
price:  159 € for a sz 6

35% silk, 65% cotton (tag says 30% silk, 70% cotton)

this new wrap is now the 4th silk waves wrap already (together with acqua, mint and hellblau silk waves) and was first presented on the “tragetage” in dresden, germany. it is said that it is a very, very thin wrap and i’m very curious if this wrap still rocks with a toddler.

waves leander was sold out in three (!!!) minutes from the didymos site because didy posted not only the day, but also the time. thankfully the server did not crash this time, but we have to wait for up to two weeks for this wrap. i’m a bit bummed about it, because they released  this information after everything was sold…they did know this before, right ?

measurements on a sz 6:

length: 5 m

weight: 570 g

width: 0.65 m

-> 114 g/m

-> 175.38 g/m

leander with acqua waves (cotton):

indio seide silk 50%

release date: 05/xx/2007
limited release in size  6
price:  109 € for a sz 6

indio seide 50% was the first silk release from didymos.it was first announced on their webpage on may, 9th and was available only in size 6 at the end of may. indio silk 50% is a wonderful and classy wrap. it is thicker that the other  indio natur silk 30% wraps and has a beautiful, creamy shimmer.

measurements on a size 6:

length: 4.94 m

weight: 770 g

-> 155.87 g/m

indio silk has the typical smell, but after a few washes it goes away. it is a moldable and really supportive wrap that i still use with my big toddler. contrary to some concerns it is quite easy to take care for. as this is the only 50% silk indio and because of its limited release it is nowadays very, very hard to find and one of the most expensive wraps i have ever heard of.

indio rosé seide

release date: 02/24/2011
limited release in size 5, 6, 7
price: 134,90 € for a sz 6

post-wash measurements on a sz 6:

length:  4,93 m

weight: 790 g

width: 0.63 cm

-> 160.24 g/m

-> 254.35  g/m2


when have i seen such a beautiful and breathtaking wrap before ? i guess that this is one of these wraps where many dreams are made of. it consists of 30% silk/70% cotton with rosé cotton threads. the threads are thicker than i remember from other silk indios and therefor i can wrap my toddler really easy and commfortable in this moldable wrap. it has also a great shimmer and is an eye catcher for sure.

but this wrap also made me remember the negative side from silk wraps…i know some people love it…but i just cannot stand the smell of a new wet silk wrap. the whole appartment was smelling. but thank god the smell disappears after the second or third wash and is nearly not noticable when the wrap is dry.

but i have to admit – even the smell cannot drag me away from this beauty. i’m seriously in love with it.

lilien hellblau 40% seide

release date: 03/03/2011
very limited release in size 6
price: 179 € for a sz 6

post wash measurements

length: 5.14 m

weight: 760 g

->147.86 g/m

this beautiful wrap was again one of these hit-or-miss releases lately. it is extremely limited and cannot be woven again due to the very limited amount of the silver silk thread they used. the content is 40% silk/60% cotton, although the tag says 40% tussah/60% cotton. i guess didymos just did not weave the right tags due to the very limited release and maybe they are not planning any more 40% silk wraps in the (near) future.

the wrap really has a great silver shimmer like no other wrap. it is so soft right out of the box, moldable and easy to wrap with. this is one of these wraps where i can see a newborn as well as a toddler in it. i find i really comfortable with my big lo – no sagging, no digging on my shoulders. this wrap can easily be worn at great festivities like a wedding, but also with blue jeans at the playground. well, at least if you do not fear for your pricy wrap at places like these.

nino seide natur, nsn

release date: 07/27/2007
limited release in size 3, 5, 6
price: 122 € for a sz 6

after the first two silk wrap (50% silk indio, millefiori silk) didymos now released nino natur with 30% silk. in contrast to some of the limited editions that didymos released these days, nsn sat on their page and at the vendors like forever. in february 2008 it was finally sold out from the didymos page and i guess it took some more months before it was sold out from the vendors, too.

post-wash measurements on a sz 5:

length: 4.48 m

weight: 650 g

-> 145.09 g/m

the wrap is so amazingly soft and snuggly and feels completely different than the silk indio. the silk indio has more texture whereas the nino is just a very smooth wrap. i loved to wrap my baby in it, it has also been our sick and teething baby wrap. whenever the little one needed some comfort this was the wrap that i reached for.

nsn can also be quite slippery when you wrap a simple ruck with it. but once you have wrapped your lo it is surprisingly supportive and comfortable. we used nsn mainly for multi layer front carries, but in single layer carries i sometimes had to re-tighten the wrap job. i guess that the wrap slipped a bit due to its smoothness. i think that i will use it some days with my toddler and evaluate it some more. but with newborns or smaller babies (my lo is nearly 2,5 years old) it is just an amazing wrap.